Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

The book opens in mid battle where Eragon and the Varden are taking a city called Belatona. In the midst of the battle, a soldier attempts to attack Saphira with a weapon called a Dauthdaert – one of the few weapons able of killing a dragon and withstand magic. As the novel progresses, the Varden progress from city to city, conquering in various different ways and meeting difficulties along the way. With each victory, they move closer to Urû’baen and Eragon moves closer to the challenge that only he and his dragon can accomplish – to defeat the corrupt King Galbatorix.

This novel has various different unexpected twists and turns in it – some of which I liked and some of which I didn’t. At times I felt that Paolini was trying to hand the fate of his characters to them on a platter – too many good things happen that take away the former despair and sense of dread felt in past novels to the point where the novel became predictable and cliché which was boring. I find it dull when hope is handed to people on a platter and although I did enjoy this novel – even if I was quite keen to get it finished – I found the writing style below me (too simple, clearly aimed at kids, I’m an adult I’ve grown out of that) and the plotline too predictable, too hopeful and the ending was disappointing…nevertheless, a reasonable end to the series.

4 thoughts on “Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

  1. I found it quite a simple novel compared to other material I have read.
    As an adult, I find the Harry Potter books mundane and predictable without any depth of plot.

    • Ah hell no bitch, it was extremely deep and so was the harry potter series. U MOTHAFUCKA is just tryin to show off, u probably cant even read the artemis fowl without getting confused and crying like a little fucking baby

      • Firstly might I point out that not only can you not type properly, but the excessive use of swearing is just laughable. Secondly, literature, like all art forms, is subjective to opinion, which I am entitled to, you are also entitled to your own opinion but this is a book review blog where I post MY opinion of books, that doesn’t warrant you dealing out abuse because my opinion differs from your own.
        Thirdly, I found Inheritance a very poor end to a very good series. It wasn’t particularly well written and the cliche of the ‘Happily ever after’ ending is just dull and predictable.
        Ultimately, Harry Potter and the Inheritance cycle are CHILDREN’S books and thus don’t have the depth or complexity that I enjoy in novels. Also due to the fact they’re aimed at children, the writing style and use of language is fairly standard. So to ‘I probably can’t read Artemis Fowl’ (also a childrens author) well I don’t care to and somehow I dont think id ‘Cry like a little fucking baby’ when I have an A-level in English literature (A grade might I add) and I’m at university doing a degree. I’m also an avid lover of the works of Tolkein, Thomas Hardy, Robert Jordan, The Brontes, Shakespeare, George R.R. Martin, Philippa Gregory… all adult and somewhat complex books that I find very easy to understand
        I am going to assume from your poor ability to type and your childish use of swearing that you are considerably younger than I am so why don’t you go wipe your snotty little nose on mummy’s skirt because the adults are talking and I will not tolerate abuse on my site.

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