Pandora by Anne Rice

Well this was the last vampire chronicle I could have read. An addition to the original series, it breaches the mystery behind one of Rice’s elusive characters, Pandora, who has little mentioned about her throughout the entire chronicles. On the whole, Pandora wasn’t a character who caught my attention but I had hoped this novel would reveal more about this mysterious character.

The novel opens with Pandora talking of how she came to write down her story because of David. When she finally gets into the plot we discover that she was born around 15BC in Rome into a rich family. As a child, she became immersed in learning poetry and became bold and intelligent even at a young age – she quotes the banned Ovid in front of her father’s friends and becomes quickly popular for her intellect and forward nature. When she meets Marius for the first time when he is a young man, she is intrigued by him and when they meet again when she is older, Marius has already been given the dark gift and she finds him irresistible. She demands of her father to allow her to marry him but he refuses. Later, after she has had two marriages that ended in divorce and she is now in her mid thirties, her family is accused of plotting against the Caesar in a bid by her weasel younger brother in an attempt to get some power for himself. She escapes, the sole survivor, to go to Antioch where she keeps having recurring dreams of an Egyptian woman being taken blood from against her will as she dreams through the eyes of a blood drinker.

This was an interesting novel that didn’t get particularly boring but it never got incredibly interesting either. I quickly delved into the novel in order to get the most out of it and I found it very easy to read but overall the book seemed very anti-climatic. For a story of her life it actually told very little and no real light was shone on the relationship between Marius and herself which at times just got confusing. I was expecting something more substantial from Rice and thus I was disappointed – I didn’t get a story of her life, I got a flicker of her beginnings. A good read but far from the best Vampire Chronicle.

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