Raven Blood Eye by Giles Kristian

This book has caught my eye numerous times because of its theme – Vikings. I have an undying interest in Scandinavia and the Norse and so a fictional tale about Norseman seemed appealing.

Osric has lived a simple life working for a carpenter after he was found unconscious wearing a pagan knife around his neck and having a unnatural blood clot in his eye that makes him feared and shunned by many. But when Norseman attack his village and take him and his master captive, he is startled to discover that he can speak their language and starts to have a profound respect for these rugged men ferocious in battle and driven by a lust for adventure. He proves a natural warrior and becomes close to the Jarl, Sigurd, who believes Osric’s fate is entwined with his own and renames him Raven. When faced with annihilation by a wealthy Wessex Englishman and the burning of their precious ships, the Norse pack are forced to retrieve a book from the rival county in order to buy their freedom. But the trail is lined with deceit and blood and no road can run smooth for Raven and his new companions…

I didn’t have majorly high expectations for this book and I was right to make this decision. Although easy to read and marginally interesting for teaching me snippets I didn’t know about Norse gods etc. this book was rather disappointing. The storyline was hardly riveting and a tad predictable with nothing that really stood out as being unique. Raven himself was a good character – he had flaws in his personality which made him more human but he had weaknesses.

Either way, this is an OK read but not something I would highly recommend – I’ve read much better novels and I’m quite undecided as to whether or not its actually worse investing in the two follow-up novels.

Oh, and the topic of the novel and the author’s surname amused me.


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