The Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan

It felt good to get back to the Wheel after so much time. I dived into the novel headfirst and devoured it. The Wheel of Time series are easily by favourite books because they never get boring; this is the tenth novel of the series and I’m still hooked. That should say something. If you haven’t heard of or read this series, you’ve got some buying and some reading to do and if you haven’t read them, I wouldn’t recommend reading this review as it contains spoilers.

We are plunged headfirst back into the action with this novel abrim with plots, conspiracies, war and power. Many of these events occur simultaneously to those in the previous novel – Winter’s Heart. Mat Cauthon has escaped Ebou Dar with the daughter of the nine moons in tow – he fears the Seanchan discovering his captive as he moves further and further away from the city and struggles to build a relationship with this strange and unfamiliar woman whom prophecy says he will marry. Perrin Aybara is still trying to rescue his wife from the Shaido Aiel who have captured her and made her Gai’shan and is impatient to have her with him once again but capturing her will require skill and arms that he lacks. Elayne Trankand is still trying to secure her seat on the Lion Throne – it is a web of politics and she has to fight to gain the support of the High Lords of Andor in order to ensure she ascends to the throne. Meanwhile, Egwene continues to lay siege to the White Tower with the rebel Aes Sedai – whilst dealing with the mysterious murder of sisters and trying to safely assert her power as Amyrlin Seat as opposed to acting like a puppet, she has to plan how to keep the tower whole whilst taking it back from Elaida.

This book was fantastic. Plain and simple. The action never stops – as we shift from the perspective of character to character, each sub-plot seems miles apart and yet intertwined. Jordan’s impeccable writing drags us into the world he has created and allows us to get lost in the pages of the book and never want to stray out again. the only bad thing about these novels is keeping up with some of the charaters and activities in the book. Certain things from previous novels were mentioned in scarce detail – Jordan clearly expecting us to remember this or that particular occurrence from a past book. There were a couple of occasions I had to google previous novels to remind myself or flick back through the earlier books to remind myself of the details of certain characters. Aside from that, I have no criticisms of this novel. Get reading!

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