Dark Symphony by Christine Feehan

I’ve read quite a few of these novels and unfortunately they all follow a fairly similar trend which makes them predictable and not particularly original but on some level they are still enjoyable.

Antonietta Scarletti is a famous pianist and heir to the Scarletti fortune. An accident as a child robbed her of her sight and left her an orphan. Over the years, she has developed an independence even with her loss of sight and strange things are happening in and around her family’s home – murders, disappearances. She has always struggled to find a man who wants her for herself and not for the fortune that comes with her until she meets Byron; a dark and mysterious Carpathian male who she finds uncontrollably attractive. Byron knows Antonietta is his lifemate but he doesn’t wish to force her to become like him, instead, he helps her unravel the strange happenings to her family and the two become ever closer. What follows, is another one of Feehan’s supernatural romances.

Sometimes i genuinely wonder why I have invested my time and money in these novels. The overall trend of plot always follows the same route – Carpathian finds lifemate, they fall in love, she gets converted, some kind of drama along the way usually involving the woman nearly getting killed… you can see where this is going. Each Carpathian male so far have seemed to just be recycled copies of one another so I feel that the characters in this novel and the others lack depth and I can say the same about the plot as they all follow a similar trend.

The women in these novels often get on my nerves – fair enough Feehan does try to have a bit of ‘girl power’ going on at some point in the novel but on the whole they seem typical damsels in distress which I find dull.

On the whole, my comment about this novel is that it’s fine if you want another straightforward supernatural romance novel, it can’t be faulted there but that is all it is. The relationship that Feehan creates between lifemates is touching but the plot is unoriginal and predictable – and sorry, but in some places downright silly – considering it basically follows the same trend of the other books. so this is an OK read but don’t expect too much.

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