Changeling by Philippa Gregory

I had high expectations for this book considering all the hype that came before it that mainly focused on the fact it was going to be a bit different from her other works. I wandered into waterstones a while ago and searched for it but in the end had to ask and was startled to discover it was written for teenagers so it was in the teen section. Although sceptical, I bought it anyway.

Luca Vero, age 17 in the year 1453 is charged with heresy and is expelled from the Monastery for questioning the church. He is taken to a mysterious stranger who enlists him to be an inquirer to investigate the fears of Christendom. Meanwhile, Isolde, daughter of a wealthy Lord, is placed in peril when her father dies and he brother takes her inheritance of the mansion, wealth and the lands and instead imprisons her in a nunnery as Lady Abbess. The nuns in her care seem to be going mad and Luca is sent to investigate the strange events and although all evidence points to Isolde, things are not always what they seem.

All in all, this novel was disappointing. The plotline was dull and didn’t seem to go anywhere – maybe that’s the point as she’s writing a new series but I don’t like books that trail off almost as if they are unfinished. There were elements of it that were far too predictable for my taste – too generic – like the romance element. I didn’t take a particular shine to any of the characters apart from Freize who is quite funny but other than that, I found the characters distinctly lacking.

So this isn’t a book I’d highly recommend, it’s dull and the writing style too immature – it is aimed at teenagers after all – and I was disappointed as I had looked forward to Gregory’s new series. Considering how good her books are usually, I would advise people to avoid this book as its not representative of the quality her other works.

2 thoughts on “Changeling by Philippa Gregory

  1. Loved your thoughts, and look forward to reading more of your work, a great review, I will definately call back =)

    I’m an aspiring author if fiction and Ive started posting my first book as I write it, if you have time, or are bored and would care to take a look, I would appreciate it, especially any advice or critism you could give me would be groovacious =)

    Peace, Love, Happiness


    • Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

      I would love to have a look at your work, when I get a good chunk of time I will have a read through and give you some feedback.

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