Dark Melody by Christine Feehan

As I commented in a former review, these books follow a familiar trend and after the last novel, I had planned to not read any more of this series. Unfortunately, when I bought the last novel, I bought Dark Melody with it so it had to be read.

Corrine is suffering from a fatal heart disease which is sapping the life from her and she is pregnant with the baby of her late husband. An avid collector of music, talented composer and big fan of the famous band the Dark Troubadours, her friend takes her to see a member of the band perform in a bar. Dayan, guitarist and dark Carpathian male knows that Corrine is the woman he has been seeking for centuries when he sees her in a burst of colour and emotion confirming that she is his lifemate, the two halves of the same whole destined to be together. But she is being hunted by the fanatics who killed her last husband who also hunt Dayan’s kind and Dayan must call on the ancient healers of his race to help save his lifemate before it’s too late.

Well. What can I say. This novel starts slowly – it seems to go into extensive detail of every little detail of the time they spend together and not a lot actually happens throughout the majority of the novel apart from needless conversations and expressions of love which were… sweet I suppose but excessive.

In addition to this, I find the whole damsel in distress thing annoying – I admire strong women, not ones who are incapable of looking after themselves and spend half the novel feeling unwell or nearly dying – this is a trend in all the books, that’s not really a spoiler. I like more depth to my characters and plot than this novel provided. Dayan was much the same as every other Carpathian male in the series which was dull and the plot was predictable – stories like this are always going to have a conveniently happy ending. Snores.

All in all, this novel is predictable and unoriginal considering all these novels have the same trend. An alright read but not something I would strongly recommend, I don’t think I’ll read any more of these novels.

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