The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I proceeded to buy the next two books in the series. Having seen the films, I already knew the plot (as I said in my last review, I’d recommend the books before watching the films) but that took nothing away from my enjoyment of this novel.

Millenium magazine are putting together another controvertial issue – after the success of the magazine after the Wennerstrom affair, they are in a powerful position which they have every intention of using. After being approached by a young journalist, Dag Svensson and his girlfriend, Mia Johansson who have been digging up information on sex trafficking, Mikael Blomkvist, the journalist responsible for the exposé on Wennestrom, they agree to publish an issue based on this topic to expose the powerful figures running the industry. Unfortunately the digging around by Svensson and Johansson has gained the wrong kind of attention…When the young couple are found dead in their Stolkholm apartment by Mikael Blomkvist along with the murder weapon, it seems like a straightforward investigation for Inspector Bublanski as the killer’s fingerprints are all over the gun. Lisbeth Salander, experienced computer hacked and social outcast due to her unpredictable and often violent behaviour, is wanted for murder but although the world remains convinced of her guilt, Mikael Blomkvist, remains convinced of her innocence and conducts his own investigations into these strange events.

This book was entertaining from the world go. It’s hard to put down, extremely original and full to the brim with unexpected twists in the plot. The unfortunate thing about this novel is that I already knew the plot so the mystery of the novel was somewhat lost on me… that said, for the book to still remain extremely captivating regardless of this fact is evidence enough that this was a great book and an integral part of what is a fantastic series. Lisbeth Salander, as a character, is an amazing and unusual heroine for a book but I found that as with the last book, elements of her personality struck strong chords within mine which made her even more likeable and Mikael Blomkvist’s good nature and determination is a blessing in a book full of ‘Men who hate women’. All in all, at no point does this book become dull and with a powerful ending and cliffhanger, it’s no wonder this series is bestselling across the world and I’m saddened that the death of Larsson means he can’t share any more of his amazing literary skill with the world.


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