The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest by Steig Larsson


I thoroughly enjoyed the first two instalments in this trilogy and although I’ve seen the film and I knew the plot, I was nevertheless eager to get myself stuck into this book.

This book picks up from where The Girl Who Played with Fire left off. Lisbeth Salander is recovering from being shot in the head and buried by her father while he is recovering down the corridor after being hit in the head by her. She is suspected of murdering three people and accused of attempted murder of her father. But Salander is not alone, Mikael Blomkvist is determined to provide the evidence to clear her name and to expose the secret organisation known as The Section, a secret organisation within SAPO, which is responsible for protecting Salander’s father, Zalachenko and of having her committed and declined incompetent in order to avoid any further trouble and the exposure of her father.

Full to the brim with murder, malicious plots, computer hacking, conspiracies and the fierce vibrancy of  the character Lisbeth, this book is a stunner. Lisbeth Salander is yet again an amazing heroine who strikes so many chords with my own personality that I couldn’t help liking her even more with every page of the novel. Addictive and unputdownable; even knowing the plot you will be left itching to read this book when you’re otherwise occupied. On par with the first two novels, this novel doesn’t disappoint. If I was to make a criticism, I would comment that keeping up with all the Swedish names – some of which are quite similar – are quite hard to keep up with and as is the plot at times as it jumps from one character to another. My other criticism (SPOILER) is that Salander and Mikael don’t reconcile…that just annoyed me. Regardless, this is a great novel and as I have in my other reviews, I would strongly recommend people read the books prior to seeing the films as the series for me would have been so much better if I hadn’t know what was coming. I would have commented that it was full of surprises and plot twists but unfortunately I already knew what was coming…

As I have now finished the Millenium Triology, I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a good meaty crime series. The characters are vibrant, unique and enjoyable to read about and the series as a whole is full to the brim with unexpected twists and turns. Absolute must read crime thriller and it is such a terrible shame that Larsson shall never treat us to any more great works in the future.


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