The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Finally reached a WoT book where Jordan wasn’t responsible for the words in the pages, only the plot itself. Honestly, I have been dreading getting to this point. The wheel is easily my favourite series of books and I didn’t want the final conclusive books to be ruined by a new author. Sanderson states clearly in a short introduction that he didn’t try to imitate Jordan’s style, as that would have ruined the books and instead he put his own little twist on things. You can detect the twist, it’s not quite Jordan, but that’s only if you spend too much time dwelling on it. the majority of the time I spent reading this book, I didn’t think about who had done the writing. I will highly commend Sanderson; considering he didn’t try to imitate Jordan, he sounds virtually the same so this was an utter delight.

We reunite with the much-loved characters of the former books. Rand al’Thor is struggling to control the kingdoms he has conquered; he strives to make a temporary allegiance with the Seanchan whilst all the while struggling with the state of his own sanity. The people around him who he loves and trusts look upon him with fear in their eyes but Rand steels himself to become hard, to become unbreakable, for the coming Last Battle. But at what cost is this to his sanity? Mat Cauthon, now without Tuon, travels north to Caemyln and ultimately towards the rescue of Moraine while Perrin has finally rescued Faile from the Aiel and now tries to refocus himself towards reuniting with Rand as his loss of purpose has made him feel restless. Egwene remains a captive in the broken White Tower, her rebels on strict orders not to rescue her, as  she tries to win over the sisters of the tower and undermine the power of Elaida from within in order to try and reunite the sisters. But the cracks formed by Elaida run deep and Egwene can only do so much dressed in novice white and with regular beatings.

Ultimately, the world is moving ever closer to Tarmon Gai’don. The Last Battle. The Battle to end all battles where either the Dragon Reborn will win and the Pattern will be allowed to continue or the Dark One will wipe the Pattern out of existence.

As usual, this book kept me captivated from start to finish; endless plots and schemes, unexpected twists and turns that will have any avid WoT fan gasping in amazement and being unable to be away from the book for large periods of time. Sanderson has proved himself very capable with this first of the coming novels he wrote from Jordan’s notes and I simply cannot wait to continue with the series even though I am in complete denial about coming to the end of my favourite series of books.

gathering storm


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