The Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan

The penultimate Wheel of Time book. Those of you who have followed by blog for a while will be aware of the fact that The Wheel is my favourite series of books and that I have been dreading reaching the end. This was the first hardback copy I’ve had of the book and it was a beast of a novel – big, beautiful and thick. After the last novel – the first written by Brandon Sanderson – I was confident that he would continue to maintain the ‘sound’ of Robert Jordan but unfortunately in this novel, something has definitely changed.


Beautiful title page

Tarmon Gai’don is approaching rapidly. Rand Al’Thor has finally realised that he cannot be just cold and hard but instead a man, a man who can feel, in order to save the world. He decides to break the seals on the Dark One’s Prison and bring about the last battle but Egwene Al’Vere, Amyrlin Seat of the White Tower, is determined to not allow this to occur whilst trying to find one of the Forsaken hidden as a sister within the tower, trying to bring it down from within. Perrin Aybara is spending more and more time in the Wolf Dream learning how to fully control it to his advantage but whilst planning on returning to Rand’s side, he encounters Whitecloaks who have dogged his footsteps since his first encounter with them when he lost control as a wolf for the first time. Meanwhile, Mat is still being pursued by the Gholam but nevertheless continues to plan getting in and back out of the tower of Ghenji to save a lost companion…

This book… had a different tone to the past novels. Two things occurred to me on this front as to why this could be. Jordan’s notes on this book may have been less extensive and thus Sanderson may have struggled to maintain Jordan’s impeccable style. And/or it may be because the series it coming to a close, so more is crammed into each chapter… In the past, on the whole, chapters have focused on one, maybe two characters at most. This novel jumped around a lot more which wasn’t hard to keep up with but it was different from what I’m accustomed to in Jordan’s novel. As well as this, the way some things in the book were worded, the way some characters reacted… to me, seemed nothing like Jordan himself would have written which I didn’t particularly like.


Coloured map on the inside cover

Now it could easily be argued I’m being picky because I love the series so much but regardless of these little faults the book was still fantastic, the plot engrossing and I was hanging off every word and unable to put it down. I’m stalling reading the final novel as I want to drag it out as much as I possibly can before the series finally comes to an end. There’s also another little sentimental reason but I’ll keep that to myself…

If you haven’t read the Wheel of Time. Read it!!



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