A Dance With Dragons: After the Feast by George R. R. Martin

The second part of A Dance With Dragons, this book basically picks up where the previous one left off. I believe I commented that the previous novel was nothing remarkable but rather ‘More of the same’. Considering this second part was part of the same book originally I think it’s fair to apply this again. Considering the fast paced-action packed nature of the previous novels, A Dance with Dragons seems to definitely ease down in activity. Also, although I appreciate why the book was split due to its sheer size being unsuitable in paperback, this split didn’t work particularly well. There isn’t enough going on to warrant two novels and the plot does seem to largely plod along as opposed to deeply engross the reader. This novel was also shorter than its predecessor and thus I would highly recommend any readers of the series to read the books together – I personally mix up my books, I never just read a full series in one go and this wasn’t really appropriate in this situation.

Jon Snow is facing difficulties as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch; finding solutions for his depleting supplies of food and his serious lack of men to man the wall. He decides to take in the wildlings, much to the discontent of his brothers, in an act to ensure the Wall stands firm against the creatures beyond the wall. Meanwhile, Tyrion has been taken captive by Yunkish slavers but ends up outside the walls of Mereeen, so close to the Dragon Queen he has strived to reach. Daenarys herself has married to stablise her control of the city but what it her wisest decision and will her new husband help ease the murders commited by the Sons of the Harpy? Meanwhile, back in Westeros, Cersei Lannister awaits trial for her crimes, abandoned by all she once trusted…

As usual, Martin has crammed this book with cliff-hangers that have fans itching for the release of his next novel – whenever that is – and, although I won’t disclose details, get ready for some more death and carnage fans have hopefully become accustomed to by now. Refreshingly, there are many chapters from the perspective of different characters we haven’t heard from before which makes it considerably more interesting but frustratingly only some of the characters were covered in detail leaving us largely in the dark about many characters we care about. As clever as this is – it keeps us hooked – it’s starting to get frustrating. Nevertheless a good read.


2 thoughts on “A Dance With Dragons: After the Feast by George R. R. Martin

  1. A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favorite series! I started reading A Dance with Dragons last year but I stopped because I didn’t want it to end and then have to wait years for the next book to come out. But I think I will re-read them.

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