A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

This book actually came out a year ago and I have managed to put off reading it for a whole year with a lot of difficulty. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will be aware of how much I enjoy the Wheel of Time books and that I think they are the best series of books ever written. I don’t think anything I have ever read or will ever read will be able to top them. I am a very keen Lord of the Rings fan as well – so much so, that when I tell people I think the Wheel is better than anything Tolkein wrote about Middle Earth, they actually look shocked.

I have managed to extend my reading of the Wheel of Time series over several years – they have been a steadfast companion, a friend when I have been lonely, the books I turn to when other literature I have been reading bores me… and for this to come to an end is genuinely quite upsetting for me. I finished A Memory of Light last night and I already feel lost – my other books I have begging to be read just don’t measure up. They don’t tempt me to grab them and consume every single word inside. They are so pale in comparison and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do now that I don’t have the Wheel series to look forward to.

The Last Battle has finally arrived. Armies from all corners of the world have gathered at Rand’s command at the Field of Merrilor. He plans to break the seals on the Dark Ones prison and to kill him once and for all, creating a world without the Dark One. In exchange for sacrificing himself as the prophecies foretell, he creates a Treaty called ‘The Dragon’s Peace’ – a treaty that prevents the different regions of the world from waging war against each other.  Caemlyn has fallen to the shadow and plans are laid for three battlefronts to beat down the forces of the Shadow. The Aes Sedai make their stand in Kandor, the Borderlanders to the North and the Aiel and the legions of the Dragon on the slopes of Shayol Ghul, to buy as much time as they can for Rand. All of the battles are desperate as they rally their forces to try and defeat the shadow. This battle will decide the fate of the world.

This book is filled with unexpected plot twists, moments that will have you gasping, moments that will wrench your heart and bring tears to your eyes. *POTENTIAL SPOILER* Although it’s an incredible book it’s very hard to read when characters start dying – I won’t indulge names and mentioning this fact isn’t really a spoiler considering its THE LAST BATTLE it’s inevitable that characters will die but it’s gut wrenching when they do. I literally couldn’t put this book down; I consumed it in big meaty chunks – 909 pages of suspense, tension and action. The last battle itself has an entire chapter dedicated to it – 202 pages long in fact. This is a book that you won’t be able to put down and will have you hanging off every word.

It’s been quite a marathon reading these books – in total that’s 11,582 pages, 684 chapters and  £10 a book not including the last two which I bought hardback copies of. As mentioned, this series has covered several years of my life and now I have finally finished them, now it has finally come to an end and I don’t have these books to look forward to anymore, it’s like losing a best friend. I have never really experienced this feeling before. Undoubtedly I will read this series again and again but unfortunately, as with all books, now you know what’s coming, it will change how you see characters, how you enjoy the plot. Nothing will be as exciting or a surprise anymore and I find that extremely sad.

The Wheel of Time is a must read series miles above the many other fantasy books on the shelves. I was sceptical as to whether Sanderson would be able to pull off the final book well and Light! He managed it! It sounds just like Jordan wrote it in its entirety. Mind-blowingly good. Words can’t express how incredible this series is. If I can pass one thing onto another person, I’d love it to be me introducing them to the Wheel. I don’t know what to read or do now. I may stop reading altogether! If you enjoyed this review, please check out my reviews of the other Wheel of Time novels in the series!

A Memory of Light UK

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